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Wire Rope Hoist

wire rope hoist
Specifications : Wire Hoist

If you demand a lot from your hoists, it's to your advantage to keep them in peak working order. By protecting your investment with proper care, your hoists will operate dependably, efficiently, and productively for many years.
That's especially important today. New designs and material make hoists smaller and lighter. They're available in shapes and sizes to match your needs. And they're better built. But they don't necessarily last any longer.
Hoists are powered lifting assistants. They can be used to lift a heavy item or even a person. Hoists are usually placed overhead and attached to the ceiling, and may have a power supply. They use a suspension system, sling, and power supply cable. There are many different types of hoist, and it is important to be aware of how they function before you begin using them.

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